To ward off skepticism about the legality of posting this, please see the first page of the PDF which shows an image of the expansion game box. Cards Against Humanity. A party game for horrible people. First I have the core game, Following that is the second expansion (both black and white cards) with a few The .pdf) and .odt) are black on white, and the .svg) is white on black. Cards Against HumanityEnsure that you'll definitely go to Hell when you die by playing the Cards AgainstHumanity card game. The rules of the.

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Cards Against Humanity is available for free under a Creative Commons license. Making a set will take an hour and cost about $ Download the PDF for rules. Expansions: First Expansion · Second Expansion · Third Expansion · Forth Expansion · Fifth Expansion · Sixth Expansion · The Green Box. Download this PDF and take it to your local print To start the game, each player draws ten White Cards. Cards of Cards Against Humanity, and this card should .. Miley Cyrus at Our first chimpanzee president. Cards Agalnst Humanity.

As a business, it's completely bootstrapped, with no major outside investment and having completed just one small crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to fund the first production run.

The Best Damn Card Game. PERIOD. { FREE Download } Cards Against Humanity Variation

And somehow, along the very winding and counterintuitive path this rag-tag group of young men have taken, they've managed to create a successful--and perhaps even admirable--business.

Only, it barely resembles a business. He tells me the company behind Cards is indeed incorporated and that the company recently obtained a business address--a sort of small-scale co-working-space Temkin manages. Temkin also takes graphic-design freelance gigs and designs other games. But as a company, Cards Against Humanity isn't trying to emulate corporations.

So important that they give the full game away as a free PDF file on their own website. More than 1. Occasionally, the group has fun messing with popular conceptions of pricing, though.

For Christmas sales in , it released an expansion pack of cards, letting individual customers choose their own price. How the company works behind-the-scenes also bucks convention.

Module:Cards Against Humanity

The eight founders make decisions like these--and every significant business and creative decision--by consensus. That's logistically tricky, because they are scattered all over the United States, working in a host of different professions.

It requires a lot of group chats on HipChat and Google Hangouts. When the group decides to create an expansion pack of cards--approximately twice a year--the founders take a trip together to brainstorm. When money comes in, they split profits, fairly evenly, based on their level of responsibility.

A Reluctant Business This head-scratcher of a management structure was born back in , when the eight friends had graduated high school, gone off to various college, and were back home over winter break. They'd get together, reminisce about how they created an improvisation club in high school "basically just to get the school to pay to let us bring in comedians to teach us," Temkin says.

They'd celebrate New Year's Eve, and also play--and make up their own--board games and party games.

One that really got them howling was called Cardenfreude a portmanteau of "card" and "schaudenfreude," a German word that translates roughly to "deriving pleasure from another's misfortune" that entailed asking and answering absurd questions.

The game was fun, but didn't stick until both the questions and the answers were pre-written out on highly interchangeable cards.

They designed a logo. For the next two years, the game was simply free-for-the-taking online, under a Creative Commons license.

In , the group decided to go for producing it in physical form. Instead of seeking venture capital or a cash infusion from an angel investor, they took the project straight to Kickstarter. It had no choice but be a business.

A terrible game for horrible people.

Only, these eight guys had no idea what they were getting into. He says: "If at that point we had known more about how the industry worked, I think we would have looked at it and thought, 'Well, we'll just leave it free online as a PDF. Trial and error, plus a lot of Googling, got the first order filled by a custom playing-card manufacturer in New Jersey called Ad Magic, which is the printer that still makes Cards Against Humanity.

In , the shipment arrived, and a semi-truck dropped palettes of the game boxes off in Temkin's driveway. We had this moment of 'I can't believe so many people like this that some truck driver had to unload 2, boxes of poop jokes,'" Temkin says. The gang of eight hand-packed the Kickstarter orders, and again hit some snags. Temkin says he recalls a staffer at the mailing house the company used to send its packages saying: "This is not the worst-packed order we've ever seen, but it is close.

It now has two employees and five desks in a Chicago co-working space. Temkin and Hantoot devote much of their time--but not all; both still work creative gigs--to Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Humanity in their official printing directions suggests going with at least 80lb cardstock.

I could only stack 4 sheets at a time; at 5, the cuts were no longer clean. The second printing, I had the print shop do the cutting. I recommend that over DIY cutting; much much less hassle and cleaner edges. Cards Against Humanity also suggests printing plain black on the back of the black cards. The print shop interleaved the "front" and "back" of the PDFs for me.

Accessibility Rules The "house rule" that I use is that if someone doesn't understand a card, like a card, or think a card is funny, whether it's a black or a white card, they can discard it at any time with no penalty and replace it with a new card. This makes it easier for people from varying technical stacks and differing eras of implementation to all play together and have fun without worrying about having to prove they know some obscure trivia. How many of us remember the SGI Vulcan death grip?

Deck Curation or lack thereof I don't have time to produce curated editions.

When printing, I do go through and remove anything I don't like, but I have almost no time to curate the open-to-the-public Google spreadsheet. Test it! If you'd like an idea of what the combinations of hilarity can look like, check out this script contributed by nicocesar:!

It would be cool if someone designed awesome card backs for black and white DAH cards.Cards Against Humanity is available for free under a Creative Commons license.

Ultra has several good quality card boxes available for sale and you will find that some are pre-printed for other games such as "Magic The Gathering" that work nicely for housing the CAH decks. More than 1. It's your money. I would hate to have to see them prematurely sell off their company, but that's what I'm smelling.

For Christmas sales in , it released an expansion pack of cards, letting individual customers choose their own price. Contact us. Ultra has several good quality card boxes available for sale and you will find that some are pre-printed for other games such as "Magic The Gathering" that work nicely for housing the CAH decks.

You will just have to pay a little more. Between October and December the card game was trending straight up and becoming a new sensation.

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