Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. The concept of Earth being struck by a large body from space has been a popular plot in several recent films. This . Read "When Worlds Collide" by Philip Wylie available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Published first as a six-part serial in. When Worlds Collide by Philip Wylie, Edwin Balmer; 2 editions; First DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY).

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When Worlds Collide is a science fiction novel co-written by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer; they both also co-authored the sequel After Worlds Collide. When Worlds Collide book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A runaway planet hurtles toward the earth. As it draws near, m. After Worlds Collide book. Read 64 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Earth is destroyed in a collision with the rogue planet Bronso.

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Someone else, it would seem, is currently residing on Bronson Beta! Is it possible that Hendron's other ship, or some other craft from another nation, had also made the transit successfully?

Or--an even more incredible thought--could some of the original inhabitants of the long-dead world possibly still be alive, after a million or so years? If there were one word that would describe the totality of "When Worlds Collide" in a nutshell, that word would be "spectacle.

That sense of wonder is surely never greater than when Tony and Eliot manage to enter one of the five domed cities and explore the manifold marvels therein. The original book's central suspense was of course tied in with whether or not Hendron's people would make it off the Earth in time, and survive their journey through space.

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In the sequel, the suspense quotient is equally high, as our survivors contend with all the unknown elements of their new home world.

Perhaps some enterprising publisher will see fit to release both parts in one volume in the near future.

As was the case in the first book, the sequel is pleasingly written, with a range of literary references the Bible, the Pyramid Texts, Omar Khayyam, Shakespearean sonnets that might surprise some readers. Regarding some of those Biblical references, it is amusing to discover that Hendron soon comes to think of himself as a latter-day Moses, leading his flock to the Promised Land; thus, the foes that the survivors eventually battle I'm trying to be coy here are given the nickname "Midianites"!

Again, I really don't want to ruin any surprises for prospective readers, and "After Worlds Collide" does surely contain any number of such.

I love the one concerning Tony's obsequious Japanese manservant, Kyto. Describing many of the book's outstanding set pieces would entail leaking spoilers, but I can say that one such exciting sequence comes early on, and features the fragments of our old Moon descending on Bronson Beta in one monstrous meteor storm, making for a very tough first day on their new world for Hendron and Company!

Good as it is, "After Worlds Collide" does come freighted with some minor problems. As was the case in the first book, some moments will surely strike the modern reader as dated; for example, the inclusion of the lyrics of the !

The authors are also guilty of some unfortunate word choices, such as when they describe the colonists' personal belongings as a "melee of dunnage.

Dinitrophenol is spoken of as a kind of stimulating restorative after Hendron's people are knocked unconscious in a gas attack, but as far as I can determine, that chemical compound is used primarily as a pesticide!

But perhaps the most egregious fault of this sequel is that it draws to its conclusion way too abruptly.

How wonderful it would have been had the authors continued on with their fascinating premise in a third, maybe even fourth or fifth book! As the sequel ends, Bronson Beta is about to approach Mars in its new elliptical orbit around the sun, before swinging back toward Venus. It would have been interesting to see how the colonists managed to cope with their new subfreezing and, later, roasting environments, when they occasionally emerged from their conveniently provided protective metropolises.

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Too, the entire question of the new morality that Book 1 suggested might have to be established on Bronson Beta along with the abolition of the traditional institution of marriage is left hanging in the air. With the rocket tube breakthrough, the survivors are able to build a second, larger ship that can carry everyone left alive originally there was room for only of the roughly thousand people Hendron had recruited.

The two American ships take off, but lose contact with each other. Other ships are seen launching from Europe; the French ship's tubes melt, causing it to crash.

The original American ship makes a successful landing, but it is unknown if anyone else made it. The survivors find that Beta is habitable. Adaptations and influences When Worlds Collide had far-reaching influences on the science fiction genre.

The themes of an approaching planet threatening the Earth, and an athletic hero and his girlfriend traveling to the new planet by rocket, were used by writer Alex Raymond in his comic strip Flash Gordon. Jack Williamson 's short story "Born of the Sun" also used the concept of a scientist and his fiancee escaping the destruction of the Earth in a hurriedly-constructed "ark of space".

The newspaper comic strip Speed Spaulding,[1] an adaptation credited to the novel's authors, was more directly based on the novel.

The themes of escape from a doomed planet to a habitable one also can be seen in Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster 's comic Superman. Another film adaptation of When Worlds Collide was in pre-production as of January 3, Orlando However, the reason I most appreciate this book and this edition is it introduced me to Philip Wylie, and after reading it, I hunted down most everything by him I could find.

When it is discovered that Kyto was a spy, albeit an apologetic one, the reaction is quite unexpected.

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