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Iti Electrician Engineering Drawing - [Free] Iti Electrician RRB ALP Electrical Engineering Books & Study Material PDF Download Electrician /. To achieve these objectives, IS 'Code of practice for general engineering drawing' was originally issued in and revised twice in and engineering drawing solutions Nd bhatt pdf. Can anybody give me Hi, Could you please upload any another book for Engineering drawing.

Line styles and types[ edit ] Standard engineering drawing line types A variety of line styles graphically represent physical objects. Types of lines include the following: visible — are continuous lines used to depict edges directly visible from a particular angle.

Section lines are commonly referred to as "cross-hatching". Lines can also be classified by a letter classification in which each line is given a letter. Type A lines show the outline of the feature of an object. They are the thickest lines on a drawing and done with a pencil softer than HB. Type B lines are dimension lines and are used for dimensioning, projecting, extending, or leaders. A harder pencil should be used, such as a 2H pencil. Type C lines are used for breaks when the whole object is not shown.

These are freehand drawn and only for short breaks. These are dotted lines. These indicate the cutting plane of an object. Multiple views and projections[ edit ] Image of a part represented in first-angle projection Symbols used to define whether a projection is either first-angle left or third-angle right.

Several types of graphical projection compared Various projections and how they are produced Isometric view of the object shown in the engineering drawing below. In most cases, a single view is not sufficient to show all necessary features, and several views are used.

Types of views include the following: Multiview projection[ edit ] A multiview projection is a type of orthographic projection that shows the object as it looks from the front, right, left, top, bottom, or back e. The origin and vector direction of the projectors also called projection lines differs, as explained below. In first-angle projection, the parallel projectors originate as if radiated from behind the viewer and pass through the 3D object to project a 2D image onto the orthogonal plane behind it.

The 3D object is projected into 2D "paper" space as if you were looking at a radiograph of the object: the top view is under the front view, the right view is at the left of the front view. First-angle projection is the ISO standard and is primarily used in Europe. In third-angle projection, the parallel projectors originate as if radiated from the far side of the object and pass through the 3D object to project a 2D image onto the orthogonal plane in front of it.

The views of the 3D object are like the panels of a box that envelopes the object, and the panels pivot as they open up flat into the plane of the drawing.

Until the late 19th century, first-angle projection was the norm in North America as well as Europe; [3] [4] but circa the s, third-angle projection spread throughout the North American engineering and manufacturing communities to the point of becoming a widely followed convention, [3] [4] and it was an ASA standard by the s.

Not all views are necessarily used. In addition to the six principal views front, back, top, bottom, right side, left side , any auxiliary views or sections may be included as serve the purposes of part definition and its communication.

View lines or section lines lines with arrows marked "A-A", "B-B", etc. Sometimes a note tells the reader in which zone s of the drawing to find the view or section. Auxiliary views[ edit ] An auxiliary view is an orthographic view that is projected into any plane other than one of the six primary views. The court admitted a petition to drop adulterv as a criminal offence from the statute book.

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Notify me of new posts by email. Content in this Article. Related Topics. Engineering Drawing 53rd Edition Warning: Civil Engineering Drawing and Design D.

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Ghosh CBS Edition no. Engineering Drawing Product Condition: No Defects Basant Agrawal, C. Prev Post B. Vikram says 2 months ago. Leave A Reply. Papers Results Syllabus.Dimensions — the size of the object is captured in accepted units. This unit is a continuation of Nur and will add to that grade.

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Drawing is the compulsory subject for all B. The term "technical data package" TDP is now used to refer to the complete package of information in one medium or another that communicates information from design to production such as 3D-model datasets, engineering drawings, engineering change orders ECOs , spec revisions and addenda, and so on.

Hone your writing and researching skills. Physical c. These are dotted lines.

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