From this SRS, the Hotel Management System can be designed, constructed, and PDf [8]Lauesen, S, (), Task Descriptions as Functional Requirements, . Hotel Management System SRS Document. Charitha Gamage. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by. The above document is a software requirement specification document for Hotel management spawdelacseopror.gqes and Automated Tasks System which generates.

Srs For Hotel Management System Pdf

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Hotel Management System. Software Requirements Specification. Document. Prepared by. Team 1. Version: () Date: (02/11/). Table of Contents. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Srs for Hotel Management System - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Hotel management system - SRS document.

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Charitha Gamage , Associate Engineer Follow. Published in: Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. The Hotel management systems around the globe are using different techniques to make their services better. There are many companies who work only for Hotel Management system development. One of known ones in PAR-Solutions for Hospitality, According to who the major requirement of a Hotel Management system is providing the best feeling to their customers.

SRS for Hotel Management System

Existing systems are built on many important facts. The major Factors are: 1 Guests 2 Management 3 Revenue Accounts Many of the systems now use an ERP system including text message service to contact any employ any time and spread all the news easily.

Our system keeps these conditions in mind and we provide easy and legal access to everyone around the globe. Advantages in Implementations: Previously the systems were not so efficient but with the advent of latest technology, a faster and better functionality is available. Some of the advantages in implementing the system are listed below: Better visibility of the Hotel to general public. Flexible options availability to the customers. Better and more reliable management In-time spread of news as per requirement.

This will enable the management to keep a record of their customers and will lessen the chance of any error e. Facilitating them to reserve a room for them through distance using e-reservations.

This eases customers on one edge and provides business to hotel on the other hand. The enable the generation of detailed bills for their customers to satisfy their concerns as well. At the best this system enables the CEO and other share holders to check the records and get the revenue estimate; enabling them to find black sheep out if anyone involved.

This will be done by generating the report showing everyones tasks which can be viewed over the system by relevant people. Constraints The devised constraints of our system can be to implement the system in such a way that it causes least crashes and the system exceptions are handled properly. The Data security issue must be handled carefully so that privacy is maintained and no one can access the hotel data from outside.

Here we look in detail about how different requirements of the organization are accomplished.

We also explain the structure of the system about the usage of different options available for relevant people. We also present a detail of the Software Engineering principles which basically is the managerial theme for the development of software itself. Objectives: The basic objective of the hotel management system includes fast access to the data to make decisions in no time. Thus we provide a system which works out the solution in seconds.

This enables finding the room reservation records, adding new records and at that time checking correctly that the reservation made is unique. The system will include the past data about guests and system will maintain the present reservations record as well.


The system is designed basically to solve the problems on the issue of reservations and management regarding those reservations.

Preliminary Requirement Analysis: This involves the collection of requirements which the project must fulfill. This includes the following details. The database is a major need as it interprets the requirement of storing the data chunks which need to be managed according to proposed standards. The basic need here is speed.

This can run without even a single second of being down!

Interface enables the user to make interactions and usage about the system. The system must present an easy Graphical user interface because most of the users usually are unaware with the use of such systems and complicating them will restrict their usage in proper way this on one hand creates problem for the hotel management and on the other hand is a problem for the developer. Allow the HR department to post jobs, look for new employs maintain employ list, maintain guard list for security purpose.

Allow the higher managers to keep a look on accounts and other details.

Allow the basic information access for general public. Allow online reservations for rooms with payment mechanism ensured.


Benefits: The system will have many benefits over the paper data used previously in the world or some ordinary systems available around.Some of the advantages in implementing the system are listed below: Salman Diyal , Working Follow. The system will include a feedback tab as well so that the customers can play their role in making the hotel better.

Ones a decision is made. The roles and responsibilities of these members are given in a previous chapter.

System should be such that the user needs little or no experience to use the system. They also don't specify implementation detail. A list of proposed audience is maintained below:

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