NAVSUP P Volume II – Supply Appendices ii. RECORD OF CHANGE INFORMATION SHEET. This sheet is provided to insure an effective check on the . COG OI STOCK NO. LP NAVAL SUPPLY PROCEDURES. NAVSUP Publication VOLUME II. SUPPLY APPENDICES. NAVSUP P- Volume III - Ashore Supply. COG OI Document File (PDF) standard - making it easier to view and download from the Internet. Afloat Supply, Volume II - Supply Appendices, and Volume III - Ashore Supply.

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NAVSUP P Volume I – Operational Forces Supply Procedures Revision 4, Change 1, Download Residential Gateways Volume II PDF eBook Residential . P VOL I Intro-Chap 4 as of - US Navy Hosting. Views. 6 years ago. Navy, · Hosting, · · READ. P VOL I. Navsup p vol 1 pdf - in the Naval Supply Procedures NAVSUP P, Volume WEAPON SYSTEMS II - CHAPTER 1.

Assisting Type Commanders in reviewing and appraising afloat performance of downloading functions downloading activity with PMR ; e. The Fleet and Industrial Supply Center located in San Diego has regional downloading functions for procurement actions accomplished under Small downloading procedures. The Naval Shipyards NSYs Norfolk, Pearl Harbor and Puget Sound are Navy owned, operated, and funded industrial installations stocking a selected range of material for the support of assigned industrial and maintenance requirements.

Material management supply functions are provided by respective FISCs, under partnership agreements. The Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is assigned a mission of stocking a selected range of Navy owned material for the support of Fleet units and Navy shore activities.

Together they constitute the Afloat Central Design Agency CDA responsible for designing, developing, integrating, implementing, and sustaining Fleet logistic, financial, and maintenance automated information systems.

Fleet Commanders have the following logistic responsibilities: a. Promulgation of general logistic policies, plans, and orders for the support of Fleet and shore activities in the area; b. Establishment of standards of logistics and logistic readiness; c.

Coordination of logistic activities of subordinate commanders; e. To assist in carrying out his logistic responsibilities, each fleet Commander has a professional adviser for supply and transportation matters, the fleet Supply Officer. The U. These are as follows: a. Providing planning information to support bases relative to aircraft deployments; b.

Issuing aviation supply outfitting directives; c. Controlling distribution of critical aviation materials; d. Establishing supply procedures, stock levels, and requisitioning channels for aviation material for fleet ships and bases; Ch.

Implementing aviation supply policy and procedures directed by higher authority; f. Exercising operational and administrative control of fleet support aircraft; g. Issuing necessary instructions for the guidance of fleet units in requests for and utilization of fleet tactical aeronautical support services; h. Developing plans which provide for the expansion of fleet tactical aeronautical support capability as required; i.

Allocation of available airlift among requesting commands will be made with due regard to priorities and effect on fleet readiness. Coordinates, monitors, and controls as appropriate the procurement allocation and distribution of submarine and fleet ballistic missile material; b. Arranges for and schedules the air movements of FBM submarine relief crews; d.

Arranges for the movements of air cargo to submarine support sites. Establishing supply procedures, stock levels, and requisitioning channels for aviation material for fleet ships and bases; e. Keeping the Type Commander advised of supply requirements; b. Ensuring compliance with Navy Department and Fleet supply directives; c. Making recommendations to the Type Commander on matters regarding supply policies, procedures, and conditions of readiness affecting ships of the type command; d.

Conducting inspections of supply functions as required; e. Supervising the replenishment of supplies from mobile supply units under the operational control of his Type Commander; f. Reviewing and taking action on requisitions requiring approval of higher authority.

Afloat supply functions are categorized into material support and service functions. Material support functions relate to operational and maintenance requirements, while service functions entail operating service functions. Material Included. Material support functions include procurement, receipt, stowage, issue, and accounting for the following types of material in accordance with directives and in quantities necessary for the operation of the ship: 1 Consumables; 2 Equipage; 3 Repair parts; 4 Inert nuclear weapons material and associated test and handling equipment less procurement , tools, and consumables; 5 Fuel preparation of procurement documents only ; 6 Ships store and retail clothing stock when facilities are provided ; 7 Food items; 8 Medical and dental supplies, in MFCS ships.

Procurement only, in end use ships ; 9 Navigational or intelligence charts, maps, and related publications. Material not Included. The following types of material are not included under afloat supply department functions: 1 Ammunition, ammunition containers, and ammunition details will usually be the responsibility of the ships Weapons Officer or Combat Systems Officer.

Service functions include the operation of the following facilities: a. General mess, including food preparation and service; b.

Disbursing government funds when a Supply Corps Officer has been specifically ordered to this duty ; d. Wardroom mess when a billet has been established for a Supply Corps Officer to be wardroom mess Officer ; e.

CPO mess. Organization is the orderly arrangement of personnel by functions. Sound supply department organization is necessary to carry out the objectives of the department and will vary in accordance with the mission, physical characteristics, and complement of the ship. Hi there my samusung galaxy tab keeps on closing when i use the internet browser, i dont know what to d?

Government sites or the information, products, or services contained therein.

ZIP file onto your local desktop or a drive you can write to. This series contains reports on army training programs. It is my duty to stand up for you, no matter the time or place.

A skeleton trap occurs when a horse is struck by lightning during a thunderstorm which causes the 4 horsemen to spawn. This regulation is applicable during full mobilization. We are a global enterprise delivering combat capability through logistics to Navy, Marine Corps, Joint and Allied Forces. The standard then gives the WLL for that piece of chain, depending on its size.

However, to find answers to the I'm 24 years old, love me some Jesus and play video games for a living! All business inquiries please send them to: prestonmgr gmail. This includes the full range of customer services, payments, disbursing, accounting, and This Web site provides an introduction to the U.

For those that prefer to download the AAAC and run the course from their computers: 1.

It is to be used to certify the accuracy of the publication in accordance with the need for such verification see Introduction. The Stryker is designed for use over all types of roads and cross-country terrain, in either 8x8 or 8x4 mode in all weather conditions.

JKO provides continuous, career-long development of joint knowledge and joint readiness for individuals, staffs, Combatant Commands, Combat Support Agencies, and the Services.

The four-digit fields, defined within Cataloging Handbook H are used to group standardization documents and their products into logical families. Army Reserve when either is on active duty or inactive duty training and in a duty status under title 10, United States Code. This course provides a thorough understanding of how Insider Threat Awareness is an essential component of a comprehensive security program.

The drill sergeant is a symbol of discipline and excellence, and he or she will spend the next ten weeks transforming you into a Soldier capable of defending your country and upholding freedom. You are my brother, my sister, my fellow Soldier. Find all Thing answers to your Wheel of Fortune mobile app puzzles!

Use category filters like number of words, number of letters in each word and letters shown and will see all possible results from which you can further filter and find your answer. This can be downloaded here. We are the Department of Defense DoD unique and authoritative source for online joint training. The Official Web site of the U. Mandatory training consists of senior leader selected general training requirements considered essential to individual or unit readiness for all Soldiers and Army Civilians.

P485 VOL I Intro-Chap 4 as of 091304 - US Navy Hosting

This will open the developer tools. You can change the website name, the color, where everything is, and all that good stuff. The Threat Awareness and Reporting Program establishes a requirement for Department of the Army DA personnel to report any incident of known or suspected espionage, international terrorism, sabotage, subversion, theft or diversion of military technology, information systems, intrusions, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information.

I'm not clicking through the pages; the video is playing through completion then I'm clicking next. WLC is a month-long course that teaches Specialists and Corporals the basic skills to lead small groups of Soldiers. Please ignore this status as it is NA for orders placed before 4 May. Serial No. Logan Melgar keeps unraveling, starting with the SEALs-turned Improvements to the Army's premier training management tool make it easier for commanders to plan exercises and keep track of their Soldiers training records.

ATIS is dedicated to providing a quality training delivery system to all Army components in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible. The Stryker ICV has a road speed of 62mph and a range of miles. If you can't find the NSN you are looking for: 1. This Minecraft tutorial explains how to summon a skeleton trap with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

Code, Sections and Photo: U. You will then pop up a cheat entry menu. The Department of Defense Instruction For example, the U. DM Rejected. The quantity canceled is shown in cc DN Rejected. DP Rejected. GFM quantity requisitioned totally exceeds the contract authorized quantity. The total requisitioned quantity is rejected. DR Rejected. DS Requisition received for an item for which your service is not a registered user.

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Issue action is being processed. Request action be taken to register your service as a user using the procedures outlined in DOD DY Rejected. D1 Canceled. Requisition was retained for 60 days. Requested asset did not come available. Quantity field indicates the quantity not filled. DRMS use only. D2 Rejected. Item requested in Brand Name Resale and is in short supply. D3 Rejected. Activity did not respond to supply status request for additional information.

D4 Canceled. Applies only to subsistence items. Quantity in cc canceled. Item requested is Nuclear Reactor Plant material authorized for issue only to Nuclear Reactor Plant activities and support facilities.

A similar item may be available under a different NSN. If unable to identify the non-nuclear NSN, submit a new requisition use new requisition number and current julian date providing complete technical data i. D6 Rejected. Manually prepared requisition contains unauthorized exception data. D7 Requisition modifier rejected because of errors in one or more data elements. D8 Rejected. Submit a new requisition use new requisition number and current julian date on a DD Form furnishing intended application and complete justification for the item.

These codes will not be assigned on status cards to be forwarded to any foreign government, agency, or other military service.

Additional status will be provided when release action is initiated. No follow-up action is required. NB Suspended. NPFD is obtaining estimated completion date from item sponsor. No follow-up is required; updated status will be provided. If need for this item is continual, submit justified request to cognizant SYSCOM for inclusion in automatic distribution as changes are released.

NAVSUP P-485 Vol I

ND Issue from material previously reported on hand at your activity. Supply from overseas activity indicated in cc Future followups will be directed to activity in cc NH Stock number changed substitute, replacement, inter-changeable, equivalent, etc.. See stock number field.

Adequate material on hand at your activity. Issue the new stock number. This is a one time action. Issue the assigned stock number.

This is a continuing action. NK Requisition partially filled. Quantity indicated has been referred to activity indicated in cc In some instances, neither funds nor supply system assets may be available. No follow-up is required. NN Requisition partially filled. Quantity indicated has been canceled. If still required, submit new requisition. NP Authority granted to exhaust stock to fill this requisition. NR Requisition being processed. Stores account has been changed to APA.

Requisition forwarded to activity in cc for action.

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Cancel fund obligations for Navy Stock Account material. NS Rejected. Sponsor furnishing material by initial distribution. If material is not received within 60 days, resubmit. NT Rejected. Item being reprinted or revised. Resubmit after date shown in cc or, if date omitted, after 90 days. If need for this publication is continual, submit justified request to cognizant SYSCOM for inclusion in automatic distribution as changes are released.

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NU Requisition being processed. Stores account has been changed to NWCF. Establish a fund obligation or take action to cancel. NX Item available and will be shipped when called forward by the Military Traffic Management Command applies to ammunition only.

NZ Requisition referred to activity indicated in cc Due to stock fund requirements, supplementary address, signal code and fund code fields of the original requisition have been changed.

Requisition is for valid requirements; however, funds are currently not available. Requisition has been backordered with financial status initiated.

N2 Requisition has been referred to a fleet unit for possible fill action. Upon notification of referral acceptance or rejection, current status will be provided. N3 Modifier document received upgrading priority to and material not available to fill requirement. N4 Item being manufactured by a local Navy source. N5 The change requested has been incorporated with all other related changes into a new basic publication.

If not received by automatic distribution within 60 days, resubmit requisition using stock number of the old basic publication.

N6 Request for reservation of ammunition has been received and will be held in suspense until 60 days prior to the RDD.

N7 Item has been referred for direct delivery against an existing commercial repair contract. However, processing criteria precludes supply action.

N9 Rejected. Partial quantity being supplied. Quantity field in this transaction reflects the quantity rejected.

RA Rejected. Correct cognizance symbol appears in cc If still required, submit a new requisition citing appropriate fund code. Submit a new requisition providing appropriate information. Item is fleet controlled. Emergency requirements only should be submitted in accordance with applicable fleet controlled material instructions. RC Rejected. Item is obsolete or is used in nonsupported obsolete equipment, aircraft, etc.

Request replacement equipment from applicable command, or obtain requirements from local procurement or cannibalization. RD Rejected. RE Canceled due to lapse of funds. If material still required, submit a new requisition. RF Rejected.N2 Requisition has been referred to a fleet unit for possible fill action. Exercises area coordination authority over all shore activities of the Department of the Navy to ensure that efforts afford adequate support to the combatant forces and are coordinated among themselves to assure economy and efficiency of operation; c.

Military Service. The only good thing about it going to JKO is that there is a pretest and everything you got right is a module you won't have to do. BQ Canceled.

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