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About the Author. John A. Keel wrote his first article on unidentified flying objects in , but it was not until a visit to the Aswan Dam in Upper Egypt in that. West Virginia, For thirteen months the town of Point Pleasant is gripped by a real-life nightmare that culminates in a tragedy that makes headlines around. Editorial Reviews. Review. Keel's meticulous research,wry style and humour make this one a The Mothman Prophecies: A True Story by [Keel, John A.].

Over the years I've changed a bit, but still find these books at least interesting, my past of Frank Edwards, Charles Fort e and others including Keel is still with me. Keel has over the years put a lot of his "studies", "experiences", and interviews together and come up with a "theory".

I won't lay his theory out as that his theory is basically the point of the book. I'll just say that to Mr.

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Keel all these phenomena are interrelated. He has taken them, historical reports, contemporary reports and developed a I can't say that I agree with his conclusion. Really, I can't.

Still, no matter how you feel or what you think about it all, you might enjoy the book. Like many others I believe that people have seen "something" and I don't know what it is Newell Partridge then went out onto the porch to investigate and found the dog to be howling in the direction of the hay barn, yards away. Upon shining a torch in that direction Newell saw, 'two red circles, or eyes which looked like bicycle reflectors,' only larger Barker, , p.

At this, the dog took off after the thing in the dark. Mr Partridge claims to have been so afraid by what he saw that he didn't follow the dog, even though he had his gun on him and ended up sleeping with the gun beside his bed that night. Newell never saw the dog again. The coinciding of the dead dog beside the road in the T. It would have had to carry the dead dog approximately 90 miles to the scene of the other sighting in only an hour to an hour and a half. Newell Partridge informs us that he only saw the reflective eyes of the creature, but this could have been any one of many nocturnal creatures out there.

Newell also confesses that he would not have come forward if it hadn't been for the news story that he had read in the Clarksburg Telegram, Barker, ,p. Area sighting. The conclusion that Newell has come to, about what he saw, is interesting as in a number of studies it has been found that, 'information introduced after an event, but prior to a witnesses report, can influence the individuals description of that event.

Sweeney, J. Ochalek, K. Thus showing Newell's appropriation of the Mothman into his understanding of what happened. Area, hoping to catch a glimpse of the creature they had heard about in the media. By Friday the 18th of November the Athens Messenger reports that, 'Police officials estimate more than persons were searching the area. This influx of people, who most probably had never ventured out to sit in the woods at night, all looking to see something, led to an increase in unexplained sightings that were attributed to the Mothman and later to UFO's.

The implantation of what they were told they would see and their obedience to the media's authority manifests itself in these sightings. Between the 16th of November and the 7th of December , when Keel states he and the original group went back to the T.

Area and, 'the crowds who had swarmed there weeks earlier had given up,' , p. See Appendix. However, when the details of these sightings are looked at in how they describe the creature, the same features pop up in the description of it being, 'a huge, bird-like creature with red eyes,' Sergent, Jr.

It is at the time of this influx of people that the first U. The first occurs on the 16th of November and preceded a visitation by the Mothman on the 4 people who witnessed it. The people who made this sighting Mrs. Cathy Wamsley 18 , Mr. Raymond Wamsley 19 and Mrs.

Marcella Bennett 21 along with her baby were in the area, not to look for the creature, but instead to visit the Thomas family who lived in the area.

On the way, they claimed to see, 'A large red light Area before arriving at their destination. At the point of them arriving and exiting their vehicle, the creature appeared, terrifying the group and the people they had gone to visit, causing them to flee into the house and lock the door. It is the Mothman sighting that makes it into the papers Sergent, Jr.

All the newspaper articles at this point seem transfixed on the Mothman due to it being the hot topic of the time but by December the Mothman stories have come to an almost complete end. There have been articles by this time supposedly Illustration 6: Sandhill Crane exposing the Mothman as being sightings of either a Sandhill Crane Illustration 6. If in fact the Mothman was a combination of these creatures being sighted then their migratory patterns Shaw Creek Bird Supply, , also Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, and the supernatural factor being decreased by these explanations may explain the shift in what was Illustration 7: Snowy Owl reported.

Undoubtedly, her friendship and correspondence with John Keel Sergent, Jr. By the 23rd of April, , the UFO sightings had took off with one newspaper reporting that, 'the T.

These sightings kept up for a good few months until they eventually tapered off in June. See appendix. Strange people who turned up asking strange questions of witnesses and acting in strange manners whilst they did it.

The first reported sighting of them appeared, not in any papers, but in the books by Keel and Barker , on the Mothman. The M. Sightings were sometimes women, people who wore the wrong clothing on cold days, or drove along in a red Ford Galaxy wearing a, 'bushy fright wig,' Keel, , p.

Keel, , p. And Barker, , p. I believe the, 'census takers,' are more than likely other amateur U. We are told that these groups, when talking to witnesses, are know to order them, 'not to talk to anyone else' Keel, , p.

This was common practice in many of the different UFO groups as they jostled to have the most information and outdo other groups Barker, , p. As for the sightings of people who were inappropriately dressed for the weather it seems plausible that they could have been tourists or more UFO enthusiasts from other parts of the country, drawn there by the widespread coverage of the stories from the area.

After all, U. As for the abductors, they could have been sex offenders, who saw this influx of people as an opportunity to commit a crime with less chance of getting caught by posing as tourists, giving them an alibi for being in the town. Keel does not mention this in his books but later admits to knowing that, 'They did have a serial killer on the loose, [who was never caught, but preyed upon teenagers,] he'd pick up, driving along.

Illustration 8. The bridge was to stand there for the next 39 years until its' unexpected collapse on Page. The disintegration of the bridge, which was heavily laden with traffic at the time, caused the deaths of 46 people, making it the worst bridge disaster in U. The ensuing investigation of the bridges remains showed that the cause was a fracturing in the lower Illustration 8: The Silver Bridge foreground prior limb of an eye-bar, at joint C13N, a fault that to collapse.

Roberge, Persistent overloading of the bridge accentuated this over time and it gave way as a nose to tail traffic jam sat upon it. This incident and its' apparent coinciding with the events that took place 13 months earlier made it appear as though the Mothman may have had something to do with it. This gave the Mothman mythology the crucial thing that it needed in order to evolve into a full story. It provided its final act. The Mothman Myth in Popular Culture. Barkers, 'The Silver Bridge', first published in marks the evolution of the separate events into a story.

The book at various points uses imagery of angels and demons in aiding our understanding of what was going on, in and around the town. In the opening chapter of the book an image is set in our mind as Mrs Ralph Thomas, a local psychic and devout Christian finds an engraving in her bible that is, ' This illustration, we are told, is what she saw in her vision of what was to come to the town. This depiction, and the elaboration of her vision, as the eyes are described to appear to her as, ' Gray Barker arrived in Point Pleasant very early in the time line of events the 19th of Nov.

The combination of the structuring of the book and the imagery presented throughout effectively creates the Urban Legend.

Even when he looks at the Sandhill Crane as an explanation, it is immediately discredited with a Mothman sighting that couldn't possibly be explained by this. Barker, , pp. Gray Barker wants the Mothman to be a supernatural force. The way in which the material is handled by Keel, makes the reader feel as if they are being let in on a big secret that mainly revolves around the authors Ultra-terrestrial theory.

This theory features in a number of his other books such as 'Most Bizarre Our Haunted Planet' The Ultra-terrestrial concept is of a number of beings or consciousnesses that have always been here on earth with humankind but when seen have been interpreted in different ways over the centuries as they guide and mislead humanity. An example given is that U. This idea runs throughout his account creating a sinister presence.

The book is filled with sightings, dates and other information that all reinforce this ideology that has been placed upon the Mothman story and becomes engrained within it. This use of the Mothman illustrates how Keel is using it as a platform to promote his ideas and how Keel has imposed his beliefs onto what was seen.

After the release of this book and its' relatively well received success, the Mothman fell into Page. It was still mentioned here and there in various UFO or cryptozoological publications, usually when John Keel was interviewed and questions invariably arose about the creature. Indeed John Keel ended up becoming the 'go to guy' on the subject. It isn't until with, 'The Mothman Prophecies,' movie being filmed to go into cinemas for the following year that public interest in the Mothman returns, which in also led to another edition of 'The Mothman Prophecies' Keel, being published.

It is in this period that we begin seeing articles, coming from fairly reputable news papers, that are pretty extreme in their descriptions of the creature and events. This description of the creature, from the L.

The Mothman Prophecies

Times, describes it as a, '9-foot-tall, black, winged creature with glowing red eyes. Some said it spoke to them and forewarned of an impending disaster in their town,' Munzo, whilst another report from ABC news describes it as a, 'flying, blood-eyed, 7-foot-tall monster that once terrorized Point Pleasant, W.

These stories are all attempting to create hype for the upcoming movie but in doing so also further warp the Mothman Story in the public's mind.

In the movie, the Mothman, appears to the viewers, as a ghostly supernatural form or in scratchy rough drawings, done by witnesses, of what they have seen. The creature becomes more embedded in the Ultra-terrestrial idea in the movie, through conversations between the main character John Klein Richard Gere and Alexander Leek Alan Bates who are both characters who are based on John Keel. It begins communicating with the witnesses, in some cases terrorising them, whilst in others revealing cryptic clues to the doom about to befall the town.

The same disaster befalls the town of Point Pleasant in the movie as it did in real life but instead of 46 people perishing it becomes The reason for this given by the studio is that they thought 46 would be, 'too many. The movie interpretation of the story and the articles that accompanied the movie release all served to mould the final form of the story because once people began writing their own articles or Page.

If you go there on a specific weekend in September there is even a Mothman festival established in at which you can meet original eyewitnesses Illustration 9: Mothman Statue photographed and download numerous items of merchandise.

This festival plays out around the Mothman statue See illustration 9. This all stands in stark contrast with the way in which the real victims of the actual tragedy that befell the town are remembered.

The memorial to them is, 'at the spot where the bridge once entered the town. But their names are inscribed on lowly bricks, and you have to step on them to read the bronze plaque that lists only the names of the town's politicians. Conclusion — How and why did the Mothman come into being? Immediately after the T. The reasons for this were; 1.

The newspapers selection and arrangement of the information with the motivation to sell more papers, and; Page. The Mothman name instilling the sighting with it's supernatural nature and placing it into the popular culture. These reasons led to the creature becoming ingrained in the public's imagination. Now armed with what the papers had told them they would see they dually saw it.

But then, as the birds that were the probable cause of the sighting migrated and the Mothman fell out of fashion, UFO sightings took their place in the minds of the community and the newspapers. After all, large groups of people had been going out to the edges of town and looking to the sky, like they hadn't before. They therefore noticed things that they hadn't paid attention to previously. This escapism, as it might be viewed, was more than likely welcomed by the public due to the social factors in effect on the community at the time.

We are told that the area was by no means wealthy and unemployment was high, whilst in the news the Vietnam War was becoming more intense. This may explain the reluctance of people to accept the military explanations of the lights in the sky as the military had already taken so much from them. The collapse of the Silver Bridge was probably the main influencing factor in the longevity of the Mothman tale because, as I pointed out previously, this gives the story its conclusion.

The date of the collapse also ties in nicely by being exactly 13 months to the day since the T. Now the Mothman had enough elements to allow the formation of a myth, the first appearance of which was Barkers, 'The Silver Bridge' It follows the 13 month course but neglects to apply much meaning to it. However, John Keels book which talks about events before, during and after the 13 month period, is the one that caught the public's imagination and added the most to the mythology as the author is affected by conspiracy theory's, Men In Black and Ultra-terrestrials.

The rekindling of interest that took place with the advent of the Mothman movie and new articles on the subject allowed the final metamorphosis of the story into the creature we have today. Or as John H. Arnold puts it when writing in reference to Marx, ''Circumstances', 'history', and 'people' are not different things.

They go on and on together, awaiting the historian who chooses to draw one pattern from the rest. Also intrinsic in the evolution of this Urban Legend is is the reluctance of the town of Point Pleasant to speak out against the 'arms and legs' or in this case arms and head, that have been added to the sighting and the selective forgetfulness that occurs in the retelling of the tale when it comes to sightings before or after the 13 month Mothman period.

In fact, since , an entire tourist industry based on the Mothman and the story surrounding him has developed in the town.

This all goes to show that the Mothman has grown through the appropriation and expansion of the original sighting to create the story of him and how he is viewed today.

Very few people, if anyone, want the Mothman to be just a bird. Word Count — Keel due to many of his accounts also being supplied with dates.

I then cross referenced them with other materials to ensure they were valid. The rest of my sources have been interviews in magazines or on film with original witnesses which can all be found in the bibliography. The initial time line with accompanying details for each sighting are in the format of date, type of sighting, time if available followed by witness and event details. Kelly pseudonym sees disc hovering above a school playground. This all happened on Interstate 7 30 miles east of Point Pleasant.

Telepathy — Woodrow Derenberger again claims telepathy with space men. No-one apart from Mr. His dog, a German Shepherd named Bandit, runs off after the creature and he is never seen again by his owner despite searching the next day.

They also claim to see a dead dog at the side of the road which is gone later when they come back with the police. Marcella Bennett 21 along with her baby.

First see lights in the sky and then are chased by the creature into their house at which point , Ricky Thomas 15 also sees it. Roy Grose sees light in sky. In an interview he states that it was a large bird. Ruth Foster claims to see the creature, stating it is a bird. Carpenter 18 has a creature fly towards her car on route 33 near Newhaven as she drives past the golf course.

The Mothman Prophecies

Connie Carpenter is the niece of Mary Hyre. Albans, 40 miles south from Point Pleasant and see the creature at the side of the road. They estimate it moving at 70mph. Connie Carpenter claims to see the creatures eyes in one of the buildings whilst the rest of the group outside claim to see something run off into the darkness. Newspaper article by Mary Hyre states it was at 5 a. Charles Hern and Mr. Walter Taylor see lights across the river with little people on the river bank below.

Newspaper article by Mary Hyre states it was at 6. This was, near to the T.

Area, on George Creek Road. It is in fact a Snowy Owl, 2 foot tall and with a 59 inch wing span. Linda Scarberry states it is not the creature that she saw. They see a tall figure in a white cape run from the house. The same object is also seen by a man in Bourdesville. A large white glowing object follows their vehicle overhead and attempts to grab the van with a pincer attached to the underside of the glowing object. Doris Deweese. Deweese shortly afterwards sees a luminous object crash into a shack on the opposite hillside.

The shack housing the Police Radio Transmitter is destroyed. No wreckage is found.

Keel and Officer Harold Harmon see numerous glowing lights in the sky. Later Keel and two teenage boys see the valley floor illuminated with a purple glow. Keel and Mary Hyre see U. In John A. Keels book he states it is Five Mile Creek Road but this is a further miles south of Gallipolis Ferry whereas Five Mile Road is half a mile south of Gallipolis Ferry and would be correct for the amount of time it would take to get there.

Keel and Mary Hyre return to same area and see lights in the sky again. Keel sees circular object fly down and pass parallel to his car in the same area as the previous 2 nights. Dark shape presumed to be the Mothman follows aircraft. Lilly mentions they come over every night about that time.

Keel, Mrs. Mabel McDaniel and 2 other women go to same spot again and witness the lights.

Flying at an altitude of feet the craft had been witnessed by Page. The pilot flashes landing lights at the object and it disappears. This takes place in Athens, Ohio 40 miles north of Point Pleasant. Others report a whistling noise followed by a bright light. Investigation finds no crashed aircraft or missing plane reports.

Virginia Thomas whose house is in the T. Keel see lights in the sky around the T. Albert Brown, a mine shift superintendant sees lights in the sky whilst driving on Route 35 11 miles West of Point Pleasant. Jackie Lilly and her children Gary 18 and Linda see a total of 12 lights in the sky near Camp Conley road. They ask questions about flying saucers and how she would feel if someone asked her to stop writing about U. Another man comes in and calls himself Jack Brown. Calls Keel a liar and asks the same as the previous men, how she would feel if someone asked her to stop writing about the U.Carpenter 18 has a creature fly towards her car on route 33 near Newhaven as she drives past the golf course.

As Christopher Tilley states, 'Metaphor is a primary way in which persons and cultures make sense of the world. Raymond Wamsley 19 and Mrs. It isn't until with, 'The Mothman Prophecies,' movie being filmed to go into cinemas for the following year that public interest in the Mothman returns, which in also led to another edition of 'The Mothman Prophecies' Keel, being published.

Dynamics within and between groups.

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