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If so, could you just upload them to Mediafire? I have them, I use them often, but for some reason it won't allow me to copy them from my Fonts Folder to somewhere where I can upload them from And anyways, I only have the original MatrixBook. Oh well. I can just use the card maker till I get mah laptop fixed. Snitch Need is a wondrous thing. Members 2, posts Last Visit Oct 14 Damn, they aren't free.

They aren't? I dunno, I didn't check. XD I don't need the fonts tbh. Yeah, they're not. That's what I was talking about. Posted 01 February - I have a copy. It's in a file with a bunch of other fonts, though http: Board Privacy Policy Help. Sign In Need an account? Register now! I've forgotten my password. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

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Mueller credits the training he received at Ranger School for his survival in Vietnam. The instructors there had been through jungle combat themselves, and their stories from the front lines taught the candidates how to avoid numerous mistakes.

Ranger trainees often had to function on just two hours of rest a night and a single daily meal. By the fall of , he was on his way to Asia. He boarded a flight from Travis Air Force Base in California to an embarkation point in Okinawa, Japan, where there was an almost palpable current of dread among the deploying troops.

From Okinawa, Mueller headed to Dong Ha Combat Base near the so-called demilitarized zone—the dividing line between North and South Vietnam, established after the collapse of the French colonial regime in Mueller was determined and well trained, but he was also afraid. All told, 16, Americans were killed that year—roughly 30 percent of total US fatalities in the war. Just 18 months after David Hackett was felled by a sniper, Mueller was being sent to the same region as his officer-training classmate Kellogg, who had arrived in Vietnam three months earlier.

Mueller was assigned to H Company—Hotel Company in Marine parlance—part of the 2nd Battalion of the 4th Marine Regiment, a storied infantry unit that traced its origins back to the s.

The regiment had been fighting almost nonstop in Vietnam since May , earning the nickname the Magnificent Bastards. The grueling combat took its toll. During the Tet Offensive, the 2nd Battalion had seen bitter and bloody fighting that never let up.

In April , it fought in the battle of Dai Do, a days-long engagement that killed nearly North Vietnamese soldiers.

Eighty members of the 2nd Battalion died in the fight, and were wounded. They were haggard, they were beat to death.

Matrix Book Fonts?

It was just pitiful. By coincidence, Mueller was to inherit leadership of a Hotel Company platoon from his friend Kellogg. Dan Winters; Archival Photo Courtesy of National Archives Second Lieutenant Mueller, 24 years and 3 months old, joined the battalion in November , one of 10 new officers assigned to the unit that month. He knew he was arriving at the so-called pointy end of the American spear. Some 2.

The war along the demilitarized zone was far different than it was elsewhere in Vietnam; the primary adversary was the North Vietnamese army, not the infamous Viet Cong guerrillas. North Vietnamese troops generally operated in larger units, were better trained, and were more likely to engage in sustained combat rather than melting away after staging an ambush. And with that, Kellogg told their commander that Mueller was ready, and he hopped aboard the next helicopter out.

Today, military units usually train together in the US, deploy together for a set amount of time, and return home together. But in Vietnam, rotations began—and ended—piecemeal, driven by the vagaries of injuries, illness, and individual combat tours. While the lieutenants were technically in charge, the sergeants ran the show—and could make or break a new officer. Marines in the field knew to be dubious of new young second lieutenants like Mueller. They were derided as Gold Brickers, after the single gold bar that denoted their rank.

Mueller knew his men feared he might be incompetent or worse.

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As he settled in, talk spread about the odd new platoon leader who had gone to both Princeton and Army Ranger School. That set off alarms. Most were from rural America, and few had any formal education past high school. Maranto spent his youth on a small farm in Louisiana.

Carl Rasmussen, a lance corporal, grew up on a farm in Oregon. Burgos was from the Mississippi Delta, where he was raised on a cotton plantation.

After graduating from high school, David Harris had gone to work in a General Motors factory in his home state of Ohio, then joined the Marines when he was set to be drafted in the summer of Liverman had arrived in Vietnam just four months after a neighbor of his from Silver Spring, Maryland, had been killed at Khe Sanh—and had seen heavy combat much of the year.

Hotel Company quickly came to understand that its new platoon leader was no Gold Bricker. There were no showers. He demanded a great deal and had little patience for malingering, but he never asked for more than he was willing to give himself. Michael Padilla left with Cpl.

It was one of the only organized outposts nearby for Marines, a place for resupply, a shower, and hot food. Lance Corporal Robert W. The strategically important piece of ground, which ran along four hills on the southern edge of the DMZ, had been the scene of fighting for more than two years and had been overrun by the North Vietnamese months before.

Artillery, air strikes, and tank attacks had long since denuded the ridge of vegetation, but the surrounding hillsides and valleys were a jungle of trees and vines.

Hackers Made an App That Kills to Prove a Point

When Hotel Company touched down and fanned out from its landing zones to establish a perimeter, Mueller was arriving to what would be his first full-scale battle. As the American units advanced, the North Vietnamese retreated.

The Americans could see the signs of past battles all around them. Even nearly 50 years later, the date of the operation remains burned into the memories of those who fought in it: December 11, None of Mueller's fellow Marines had written their college thesis on African territorial disputes before the International Court of Justice, as Mueller had.

That morning, after a night of air strikes and artillery volleys meant to weaken the enemy, the men of Fox Company moved out at first light.

The attack went smoothly at first; they seized the western portions of the ridge without resistance, dodging just a handful of mortar rounds. Yet as they continued east, heavy small-arms fire started.

They could hear the gunfire across the valley. I could barely stand up. It took hours. Mueller ordered everyone to drop their packs and prepare for a fight.

They returned fire and advanced. Maranto remembers being impressed that his relatively green lieutenant was able to stay calm while under attack. It was sheer terror.

They had RPGs, machine gun, mortars. He was standing upright, moving.

Dot-matrix Fonts

He probably saved our hide. Liverman was already wounded, but he was still fighting; then, during one of his runs, he came under more fire. He crawled back to Liverman to try to evacuate his friend. They waited until a helicopter gunship passed overhead, its guns clattering, to distract the North Vietnamese, and hustled back toward the top of the hill and comparative safety. An OV attack plane overhead dropped smoke grenades to help shield the Marines atop the ridge. Mueller, Sparks says, then went back to retrieve the mortally wounded Liverman.

The deaths mounted. Corporal Agustin Rosario—a year-old father and husband from New York City—was shot in the ankle, and then, while he tried to run back to safety, was shot again, this time fatally.


Rosario, too, died waiting for a medevac helicopter. Finally, as the hours passed, the Marines forced the North Vietnamese to withdraw.Liverman had arrived in Vietnam just four months after a neighbor of his from Silver Spring, Maryland, had been killed at Khe Sanh—and had seen heavy combat much of the year. In fact, later that summer, while Mueller was still deployed, Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon—an event that people around the world watched live on TV.

If you are seeing this message, you probably have an ad blocker turned on. I hope to make it well.

And Mueller is questioning witnesses in an effort to establish whether Trump has obstructed justice by trying to quash the investigation itself. What the fuck are we doing? A few projects exist to provide free and open- source Unicode typefaces, i.

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