The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite (Definitive Guides (Hardcover)) [ Rich Bowen] on Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. The Apache mod_rewrite module has long inspired. The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite. Authors: Bowen, Rich About this book; About the authors. Organizing websites is highly dynamic and often chaotic. Thus, it is crucial that host web servers manipulate URLs in order to cope with temporarily or.

Apache Mod_rewrite Book

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In this Learning Apache mod_rewrite training course, expert author Daryl Wood teaches you about the installation, configuration, and practical use cases for a. This book consists of 14 chapters. Chapter 3 - An introduction to mod_rewrite - covering some of the configuration. The Indie Publisher's mod_rewrite Recipe Book. The Apache module mod_rewrite is a powerful tool in the webmaster's toolbox. However, the.

If you use YaST for configuration, you do not need to touch these files—however, the information might be useful for you to switch to manual configuration later on. Every configuration option in this file is extensively documented and therefore not mentioned here.

In the following, the purpose of each file is explained. Each file includes several configuration options also called directives.


Every configuration option in these files is extensively documented and therefore not mentioned here. Do not edit this file. These configuration files can be included into your virtual host configuration where needed. See vhosts. By doing so, you can provide different module sets for different virtual hosts. Instead of changing the values, overwrite them with a virtual host configuration.

To customize these messages for all virtual hosts, edit this file. Otherwise overwrite these directives in your virtual host configurations.

Avoid changing this file. It primarily contains include statements and global settings. Overwrite global settings in the pertinent configuration files listed here.

Change host-specific settings such as document root in your virtual host configuration. Name-based virtual hosting is also configured here. Do not change this file.

Note that configuration files for optional modules reside in the directory conf.

About This Book

Properly test your Web server when making changes here. Do not put other configuration files in this directory. The directory contains template files for virtual hosts with and without SSL. Every file in this directory ending with. This means that several domains, such as www. It is common practice to use virtual hosts to save administrative effort only a single Web server needs to be maintained and hardware expenses each domain does not require a dedicated server.

Virtual hosts can be name based, IP based, or port based. To list all existing virtual hosts, use the command apache2ctl -S.

This outputs a list showing the default server and all virtual hosts together with their IP addresses and listening ports. Furthermore, the list also contains an entry for each virtual host showing its location in the configuration files. All files in this directory with the extension.

A basic template for a virtual host is provided in this directory vhost. Tip: Always Create a Virtual Host Configuration It is recommended to always create a virtual host configuration file, even if your Web server only hosts one domain.

By doing so, you not only have the domain-specific configuration in one file, but you can always fall back to a working basic configuration by simply moving, deleting, or renaming the configuration file for the virtual host. For the same reason, you should also create separate configuration files for each virtual host. When using name-based virtual hosts it is recommended to set up a default configuration that will be used when a domain name does not match a virtual host configuration.

The default virtual host is the one whose configuration is loaded first. When Apache receives a client request for a defined virtual host, it uses the directives enclosed in this section. Almost all directives can be used in a virtual host context. Apache uses the host field in the HTTP header that is sent by the client to connect the request to a matching ServerName entry of one of the virtual host declarations. If no matching ServerName is found, the first specified virtual host is used as a default.

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A port number directive is optional. When using IPv6 addresses, the address must be included in square brackets. If the other site gets lots of visitors then this can be a big problem! Place these in a.

The Definitive Guide to Apache mod_rewrite

Change example. It allows you to set up a condition that must be true for the following RewriteRule to be processed. The [NC] flag makes the match case-insensitive. If either of these 2 RewriteCond conditions fail, the following RewriteRule is skipped. So the whole. It is frequently misused to do things that can be done so much better other ways. In February of , Apache httpd version 2. That said, the scope of this book has expanded since the earlier incarnation to include not merely URL rewriting, but also methods for munging modifying content, and dynamic conditional configuration.

This book consists of 14 chapters. Depending on your level of existing expertise, some of them can be safely skipped. This chapter covers its syntax and usage.

This chapter digs into that in greater detail. Chapter 12 - Configurable Configuration - New in version 2. Chapter 14 - Recipes - Recipes, and detailed discussions of them, addressing common problems and solutions. A brief word about the documentation. The official docs, at http: This book is intended to augment those docs, and not replace them.See vhosts.

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The "R" is a special directive which tells Apache to use an external redirect. To change something, click Back until you have reached the desired dialog.

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The official docs, at http: Important: Including Configuration Files for External Modules If you have activated external modules manually, make sure to load their configuration files in all virtual host configurations.

It can be extended by adding additional lines modelled after the second line.

Store this recipe in the.

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