Chapter 18 Hinds' Feet. Chapter 19 High Places. Chapter 20 Return to the Valley . Lessons Learned on the Slopes of the High Places. Hannah Hurnard: A Brief. But when Destiny Image Publishers asked her to write a children's version of Hinds' Feet on High Places, it was a new adventure for her: “It has always been a . Hinds' Feet on High Places · Read more · Hinds' Feet On High Places: The Original And Complete Allegory With A Devotional For Women. Read more · Friends.

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Welcome to a wonderful journey! Hinds' Feet on High Places is an insightful guide to help convey a Hebraic lifestyle that focuses on Jesus. One of those classics. Hinds' feet on high places by Hannah Hurnard; 15 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Christian life, allegory, faith building, Protected. Editorial Reviews. Review. "The Christian allegory, such as the classic PILGRIM'S PROGRESS, Hinds Feet on High Places - site edition by Hannah Hurnard. Religion & Spirituality site eBooks @ spawdelacseopror.gq

Looking at all of the books that Hurnard wrote after her first work helps us to understand much more about her Christianity and also what her intentions were from the very first book.

All of her later full-blown heresies are clearer seen, though perhaps just hinted at, in her first offering.

She never believed that we are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone. Rather, her belief is that we save ourselves by suffering and affliction.

It is this suffering that brings us into unity with Christ, not anything that God did. Every human passion affections of any kind must be killed.

This is our sacrifice to God. Christ's sacrifice to the Father was apparently not sufficient. Not having faith in the completeness of the Lamb's acceptability with the Father, Hurnard believes we too must sacrifice for our own salvation.

Her "Christlikeness" is the means of salvation, instead of, as true Christianity teaches, the result and outworking of it.

Much Afraid's "sacrifices" were more of a necessary prelude to her healing than an offering to God. Vetiamae - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - August 21, Subject: It was an excellent read then. And it still is in Everyone that I have given this book to, expressed the same enjoyment.

And the adults that read this gift to their children asked for a personal copy. A perfect gift for all ages.

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Here4You - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - October 2, Subject: Thank you I love this book, and this audio version is such a blessing. I listen to it many, many nights when my mind is too troubled to sleep.

It usually takes me away to sleep within minutes.Finally, Much-Afraid had enough. Piles of grain were everywhere, except in the middle.

We can choose to let our hearts be upset and worried, or we can choose to let God fill us with peace. Always walk with the Shepherd King.

Even though you seem farther away than ever from the High Places, I will still come to you quickly if you call Me. She hated what Pride was saying, but with him holding her hand so powerfully it was easy to believe his words. Help me not to just look at what I see with my eyes. Love those who have hurt you.

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