Warcraft and Blizzard Entertainment Once it was home of the last of the mysterious and secretive “Has the Lord Magus spoken of the Guardian to you ?. Read "Warcraft: The Last Guardian" by Jeff Grubb available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. In the mist-shrouded haze of. THE LAST GUARDIAN An original tale of magic, warfare, and heroism based on the bestselling, award-winning electronic game from Blizzard Entertainment.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jeff Grubb is an author of novels, short stories and comics The Warcraft: The Last Guardian - site edition by Jeff Grubb. Download it once and read it on your site device, PC, phones or tablets . So I'm reading the Warcraft series, I've read the War of the Ancient series and the Rise of the Horde, but I can't find The Last Guardian anywhere. The Last Guardian book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the mist-shrouded haze of the past, long before the beginning.

Medivh is not very much spoken of in the game. Small tidbits here and there, he is very much a mysterious figure. The book keeps his as such, but adds new information and shows deep in the mind of Medivh through Khadgar's observations. I loved it. The emotional struggle that he had to put up with his entire life, living with a gift he has never asked for and oh I don't know if, personally I see Medivh as a villain that he is supposed to be in the story.

I kind of actually sympathize with him. It might be, I am just a tad bit evil myself. That might be. Last but not least, Garona!

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What I kept thinking about was the Warcraft movie where all three of them, as well as Karazhan, were showcased and I immediately wanted to get to know more about the half-orc emissary. She's different, but fun to get to know, to say the least. It is very hard for me to pick which of the three I liked the most, each one was different enough to stand very strong in their own right. Plot: 2 This was, to me, the weakest part of the book.

In part, it might be because I did not like Jeff Grubb's writing style as much as I like Knaak's or Golden's who wrote the previous two books. After a short brawl, the orc the winner, Khadgar retreated to the Magus's observatory where they spoke about the Orc, who was, in truth, a half-orc. Khadgar and the half-orc, Garona, spent many hours studying together in the library, she trying to learn more about the human kingdoms, claiming they were for peace talks, and Khadgar so he could better understand the orcs.

Garona claimed that, being half-orc, all the Orcs saw her whiter skin, shorter tusks, and softer complex. All the humans, like Khadgar, saw her green skin, her tusks, and her savagery, and that none would take have her be a part of their society.

Khadgar and Garona eventually happened upon a conversation about the Orcs' entry into Azeroth; the Dark Portal. Eventually Garona coaxed Khadgar into using his vision spell to show them both how it was opened. Shortly following this vision, Medivh arrived in the library and confronted them, a ward that would protect from demons, holding him off.

During this time, Khadgar was able to conjure another vision, this one of Aegwynn confronting Medivh on his catastrophic actions.

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During this vision, Medivh breaks down and begins to cry out towards the vision, and Garona and Khadgar escape to Stormwind on a gryphon. They are forced off their gryphon when Medivh called it back to Karazhan, and hiked the rest of the way to Stormwind after a confrontation with both an orcish raiding party, and a human regiment.

Once in Stormwind, Khadgar speaks with Lothar and Llane about the Magus's betrayal, and that there is more inhabitting his body than Medivh and the Guardian's powers. They go on to Karazhan together, to do battle with the Magus.

Afterwards it is revealed that Medivh was being possesed by Sargeras. My Dashboard Get Published. Sign in with your eLibrary Card close. Flag as Inappropriate. Email this Article. The Last Guardian Article Id: The Last Guardian. The Last Guardian px First edition cover. Blizzard Entertainment. Lord of the Clans III: Heroes of Warcraft. Rise of the Lich King. Characters of Warcraft Races and factions of Warcraft. Funding for USA.

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Jun 21, Aug I keep checking if the books are available in eBook format every so often and keep getting disappointed. I'd really love to read the older books but only if they're in eBook format. Audiobook versions would be great as well I commute several hours each day but I know that's a stretch considering they only have the original paperback formats at the moment.


Blizzard, take my money! I have all my WoW books in digital form from iBooks. They have the three Chronicles and Christie Golden books, along with some others. Also, you can download some short stories and comics in PDF form for free from Blizzard. Have something to say?

Log in to join the conversation. Return to Forum. English US.Medivh is not very much spoken of in the game.

Khadgar and Garona eventually happened upon a conversation about the Orcs' entry into Azeroth; the Dark Portal. The Son of Neptune. I truly liked this book. For those of you who just want to read a fantasy book, I would not recommend it.

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