Journey to the Centre of the Earth has been consistently praised for its style and vision of the world. It explores the prehistory of the globe, but can also be read. Download Links for 'A Journey To The Center Of The Earth': A Journey to the Center of the Earth is a classic science fiction novel by Jules Verne, and the third book in the Extraordinary Voyages Series. The story involves a German professor (Otto Lidenbrock in the original. Download A Journey to the Centre of the Earth free in PDF & EPUB format. Download Jules Verne's A Journey to the Centre of the Earth for.

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2 Three of the people go on a journey to the centre of the Earth. Which three? 3 What do they find when they go underground? Tick the boxes. a. Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Project Gutenberg's A Journey to the Centre of the Earth, by Jules Verne This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions.

He was courageous to do so and he was successfully in finding a stream behind the cave walls. One of the main themes in Journey to the Centre of the Earth is perseverance. This trait is evident in Professor Lidenbrock.

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The journey was dangerous, filled with difficulties and obstacles but he had the perseverance to find the centre of the Earth. He would not quit but met the challenges with great determination.

Finally he fulfilled his desire to complete the journey to the centre of the Earth. Even when Axel questioned him, the Professor preserved in his quest and faced all difficulties and challenges. This shows when a person has perseverance, there will be success.

The most exciting event in Journey to the Centre of the Earth was when the travelers were crossing Lidenbrock Sea. They saw a porpoise, a sea lizard, a sea turtle and a sea serpent in the sea. Axel wanted to shoot them but Hans stopped him. The Professor Lidenbrock saw two creatures through his telescope.

They were the ichthyosaurus and the plesiosaurus. These two prehistoric creatures were fighting each other. The plesiosaurus was killed.

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This exciting event made the story memorable. One moral lesson I have learnt from the novel is courage and determination. Professor Lidenbrocks quest to find the centre of the Earth is difficult and dangerous.

Yet he was full determination to pursue the journey. Although he faced a lot of challenges and obstacles, he never gave up. The trio finds a vast lake or sea, and along the shore they encounter a forest of giant mushrooms and lycophytes.

On the ground are mastodon bones.

Hans builds a raft of partially petrified wood , and the three men set sail, hoping to cross the sea. They catch fish of extinct species, and, after several days of sailing, they come across an ichthyosaur and a plesiosaur fighting.

Later they are caught in an electrical storm that lasts for days. At one point a fireball strikes the raft, but the storm at last drives the vessel ashore.

However, the compass indicates that they have returned to the shore from which they had set out. They find shells and bones of long-extinct animals and also discover a human skull. Soon they come across a fossilized human.

As they continue, they spot a herd of mastodons, and suddenly they see a giant man shepherding the beasts. They follow it but find themselves blocked by a large rock, which they blow up with gunpowder, after first returning to the raft to put themselves at a safe distance from the explosion.

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With the barrier removed, the explorers are carried past it on a torrent for hours, and then they find themselves being pushed upward.He would refer any mineral to its proper place among the six hundred elementary substances now enumerated, by its fracture, its appearance, its hardness, its fusibility, its sonorousness, its smell, and its taste. Axel cannot be sure if he has really seen the man or not, and he and Professor Lidenbrock debate whether or not a proto-human civilization actually exists so far underground.

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By that time geologists had abandoned a literal biblical account of Earth's development and it was generally thought that the end of the last glacial period marked the first appearance of humanity, but Lyell drew on new findings to put the origin of human beings much further back in the deep geological past.

Hans builds a raft of partially petrified wood , and the three men set sail, hoping to cross the sea.

Not at all that he was over-anxious about the improvement of his class, or about the degree of attention with which they listened to him, or the success which might eventually crown his labours.

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