David Copperfield is the eighth novel by Charles Dickens. The novel's full title is The Personal History. Now a grown man, David Copperfield tells the story of his youth. As a young boy, he lives happily with his mother and his nurse, Peggotty. His father died before. David Copperfield book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. David Copperfield is the story of a young man's adventures on.

David Copperfield Book

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David Copperfield, in full The Personal History of David Copperfield, novel by English writer Charles Dickens, published serially in –50 and in book form in. The quintessential novel from England's most beloved novelist, David Copperfield is the story of a young man's adventures on his journey from an unhappy. Dickens' great coming-of-age novel, now in a beautiful new clothbound edition This is the novel Dickens regarded as his "favourite child" and is considered.

Unlike many of Dickens' other novels, however, David Copperfield is written from the point of view of its titular character, seemingly looking back on the ups and downs of his long life. Overview of David Copperfield The story begins with David's childhood, which is an unhappy one.

His father dies before he was born and his mother re-marries the frightful Mr. Murdstone, whose sister moves into their house soon after. David is soon sent away to boarding school because he bit Murdstone when he was undergoing a beating.

David Copperfield

There, at the boarding school, he meets a couple of boys who become friends: James Steerforth and Tommy Traddles. David doesn't complete his education because his mother dies and he's sent to a factory.

There, Copperfield meets Mr. Micawber, who is later sent to debtors prison. At the factory, he experiences the hardship of the industrial-urban poor--until he escapes and walks to Dover to meet his aunt.

She adopts him and brings him up renaming him Trot. After finishing his schooling, he goes to London to seek a career and meets James Steerforth and introduces him to his adoptive family.

Questions and Topics for Discussion

At around this time, he also falls in love with a young girl, the daughter of a well-renowned solicitor. He also meets Tommy Traddles who is boarding with the Micawber's, bringing the delightful but economically useless character back into the story.

In time, Dora's father dies and she and David can be married.

However, money is very short and David takes up various other jobs in order to make ends meet including--like Dickens himself--fiction writing. Things are not well with a friend from home — Mr. His business has been taken over by his evil clerk, Uriah Heep, who now has Micawber working for him as well.

The novel concludes with Copperfield marrying Agnes. Throughout the novel, Dickens addresses several important social issues of his time: Against these dilemmas, Dickens offers the intuitive wisdom of Mr. Dick, the genuineness of the Micawbers, and, above all, the simple earnestness of Peggotty.

But Copperfield is foremost a novel about memory. However, memory also proves to be a source of anguish. Copperfield prefaces the time he spent at Murdstone and Grinby by remarking: The words of the great English critic G.

The 100 best novels: No 15 – David Copperfield by Charles Dickens (1850)

Chesterton perhaps best summarize the experience of reading it: His family moved often throughout his childhood, living variously in Chatham, Kent and Camden Town, London.

At eighteen, Dickens met Maria Beadnell whom he courted unsuccessfully until The episode left a deep impression on Dickens who subsequently based the character of Dora in David Copperfield and Estella in Great Expectations on Maria.

In , Dickens married Catherine Hogarth, daughter of a prominent theater and music critic. That same year he also met John Forster, his literary advisor and future biographer, and began serialization of his first novel The Pickwick Papers.

This work as an editor and fiction writer continued throughout the rest of his life. Dickens made his first visit to North America in , a trip he later recorded in American Notes.

The story proved to be an enormous success with the general public, was dramatized and represented the first of many Christmas stories he would write over the years. These novels were followed by Bleak House From this time onwards, Dickens maintained a furious public reading schedule that proved to be a great popular and financial success. In the spring of , he initiated a new magazine All the Year Round , which began serialization of A Tale of Two Cities in weekly installments.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

In the fall of , Dickens, now separated from his wife but with custody of all but one of his children, began work on Great Expectations. In the fall of , Dickens visited the United States again where he gave readings and visited with Longfellow, Emerson, and President Andrew Johnson. The following fall he began, what would prove to be, his farewell reading tour of England.

On June 9, , Dickens died of a cerebral hemorrhage, leaving an estate of 93, pounds.

Charles Dickens

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Although Peggotty assumes heroic stature in the novel, do you find anything obsessive, or even sinister, in his reclamation of Emily? Recalling Mr. What about urban life?

When musing on Steerforth, there are times the narrator reaches a state of rapture.A third perspective is the point of view of the discerning reader who, although generally carried away by sympathy for the narrator's self-interested pleading, does not remain blissfully ignorant and ends up recognizing the faults of the man and of the writer, just as he also learns to identify and gauge the covert interventions of the author.

The British Library. Bewitching Mrs Copperfield's incumbrance?

He too plays a role in the personal history of the hero, but in a fashion too episodic to be significant, especially since he dies well before the end of the story. David Copperfield undoubtedly falls in to this rare category.

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