No, there are a few different file types eBooks can be created in, and any readers cannot read all formats. Currently on there are two different. is a vertical search website that helps readers download books online. The site's meta-search engine scans the inventories of over , If you don't want to commit to owning ebooks, you might be interested in temporarily checking out a free ebook from the Kansas Digital Book eLending. You will.

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A library of bite-sized business eBooks on soft skills and personal development by industry-leading experts through just one subscription. Try business eBooks. Compare Book Prices, book finder for cheap books, textbook rentals. · · · Barnes& · e-Book Finder. This application using the xISBN web services to help locate ebooks. Provide it with ISBN for a book and it will attempt to find an.

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Categories Book websites Companies based in Berkeley, California Companies established in Internet properties established in Product searching websites. We may also be able to help facilitate textbook orders between a bookstore and another publisher when the bookstore does not have an account set up with the publisher.

Contact our Custom Reprinting Coordinator, Al wipfandstock.

Finding e-books

Wipf and Stock has published and continues to publish a large number of hard-to-find titles. Unfortunately, you cannot rely solely on Ingram's iPage or Bowker's Books In Print to indicate whether or not a book is available; therefore it is important to call the publisher to confirm availability.

There is always the possibility that there is a new edition perhaps with a new name or that the existing edition is still in print.

When contacting a publisher, it is best to ask them to look up the book by title first and then by ISBN. When customer service looks up the book by its title, they may find a newer edition of a book that they may not have found if they were looking it up by ISBN. When a title is out of print, ask whether they know if another publisher has picked up the title.

You should not rely wholly on the results if it indicates a book is out of stock or out of print. Again, it is always best to confirm a book's status with the publisher directly.

Another good reason to check Ingram is that there are many publishers who use Ingram's Lightning Source print-on-demand service to produce POD titles for them.My office has four sets of shelves, with the one internal wall creaking under the weight of a one-man library, and corners and the over-door space also dedicated to literature.

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For example, instead of 1. Flag as inappropriate. When selling multiple books as lots, keep them in thematic groups, by author, lead character, or genre.


Students have access to these books at home as well as at school. This information might be helpful when you need to make downloading decisions and face a lot of competition within the used textbook market.

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