Axiatonal Lines Re Connection Channelling and Manual by Chris Comish Layout by Jens Soeborg(2) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read. Axiatonal Lines Re Connection Channelling and Manual by Chris Comish Layout by Jens Soeborg(2). Uploaded by Axiatonal Alignment will assist you to remember your Divine connection. Axiatonal Alignment reconnects one to the golden Axiatonal Lines -- a very subtle .

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Most popular are The Reconnection of Eric Pearl and Tesla Metamorphosis of Anya Petrovic. Hurtak gives us one whole chapter on axiatonal lines with many You also freely download a copy of this manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format from our web site .. and reconnect the Axiatonal Meridians. .. jaw line, through the chin area to the corresponding point below the other ear. copy of The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, or visit us online at . The Reconnection brings in "new" axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize.

Draw over the client using your dominat hand middle finger like emitting a golden light from tip of finger as per the sequence no hard and fast rule A: the central dot at the centre of body B:Over the soulstar chakra the golden ball is drawn in three circles anticlockwise. C: the one straight line D: Again a triple circle second line, third circle and final line to form the triangle E: the next ball under the earthstar chakra again three circles anticlockwise F: The forth line n triple circle G: AND SO forth in same patter to complete the star H: Now all the start point to be connected by a golden triple circle anticlockwise.

This is the final design of master symbol.

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Once it is complete, you call for the help of divine masters and archangels to run the script program perfectly as per the needs of the person. You get exactly in the same amount as you pay for. The master number always stayed with this work. Its entirely up to the person who asks for alignment, decides how he pays the exchange. Help 3 people monetary, healing or jst being present, sometimes a smile does Plant and nurture 3 tree the source of this work and symbol is the spirit of gaia.

Help 3 animals. The symbol has no copyrights and completely open source. The practicioners are however suggested to charge their time when working with healings. The separated aspects of Self then limped along at subsistence levels of energy, and continued a karmic existence.

All previous awareness of the larger Self was also veiled. The Lower Self then took on a life of its own, characterized by fear, self-will and pride. Through the varied life experiences orchestrated by the Soul, the personality begins to realize that it is a part of a larger aspect of Self, and that this larger aspect of Self is in turn part of a larger Whole.

Axiatonal Lines Re Connection Channelling and Manual by Chris Comish Layout by Jens Soeborg(2)

By now, the yearning to reconnect with the rest of Self is very great. It is that desire to reconnect, and the willingness to reconnect that makes the reconnection possible.

The larger Self is just as eager to reconnect, because separation is very unnatural for Spirit. The larger Self is willing and eager to assist in the re- integration, and can facilitate the process with great ease. There are three very important conditions that must be fulfilled before we can return to Wholeness.

Firstly, we must consciously seek reconnection with the larger Self.

Your "energy circulatory systenn" can fall asleep too.

We exercised our free will to separate from the larger Self. We must now exercise our free will once again to seek reconnection.

Secondly, we must consciously reclaim our Divinity. The key to accepting our Divinity is total unconditional self- acceptance. The larger Self sees ALL experiences as beneficial. All our experiences have indeed en- riched us, and led us to our enlighten- ment. All along, it has been the Lower Self that has judged negatively and condemned.

The Lower Self meant well, and acted to protect the separated Self.

But without guidance from the larger Self, it lost track and fell prey to fear. No aspect of Self can be discarded as unworthy.

All MUST be accepted with great compassion, and re- integrated. Thirdly, we are required to accept Oneness. Until we totally integrate Oneness, the old fear-based patterns are still at play. This can create a lot of frustration. Many are also engaged with the polarity between Darkness and Light. Fear is the hallmark of Darkness, and Love the hallmark of Light.

In truth, there is only Oneness. The whole exercise of expression and experience of Life is played out as a big game.

When we no longer see the polarity between Darkness and Light, we can rise above fear and move into Wholeness, and start to express from that level in total Love. There is help available from the larger Self. When we seek the reconnection, the first thing that occurs is that the axiatonal lines are reconnected.

This then allows the Oversoul to once again recharge the lower bodies and re-vitalize them, and restore harmony and balance. This allows greater room for Spirit to express through the physical body. Our desire to return to Wholeness, and being totally focused on that assists to accelerate the process.

The transition from separation to Wholeness can be frustrating at times. But by staying totally focused on our desire to return to Wholeness, regardless of what is happening around us, we maintain the connection with our Spirit. This connection eases the transition, and allows us to disengage from fear whenever it appears, and allows us to operate from a place of Love.

During the transitional period we are also learning to operate from our Wholeness.

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We become aware that everything in our environment is our own creation. We then understand how the creation process works. Daily meditation and deep breathing helps to maintain the awareness and connection with our Wholeness in every waking moment. Our willingness to surrender totally to Spirit, and live in total soulfulness allows Spirit to express fully.

Spirit then begins to manifest more and more of ITs vastness through the physical body, which allows for greater Light, Love and Wisdom to enter. The original program, Spirit descending into gross matter to experience, can continue, as originally intended.

Remember, we are Divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience, instead of human beings having a spiritual experience!Search Search. It covers an explanation of both energies, why they are different and how they are best applied in daily practice.

Our willingness to surrender totally to Spirit, and live in total soulfulness allows Spirit to express fully.

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Working with the eighth higher center, we can build triangulations through all seven major chakras. The original program, Spirit descending into gross matter to experience, can continue, as originally intended.

This, in a nutshell, is the Big Picture.

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