Page Content. United States Navy Uniform Regulations. NAVPERS I. ​ Table of Contents · Summary of Changes · Chapter 1 - General. Regulations (NAVPERS I) since the last update of 19 July /18, and the correction of noted policy discrepancies found within NAVPERS. Om: Subi: UNIFORM POLICY AND REGULATIONS. Ref: (a) U.S. Navy Uniform Regulations, NAVPERS I. (b) OPNAVINST J.

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a. Men. Keep hair neat, clean and well groomed. Hair above the ears and around the neck shall be tapered from the lower natural hairline upwards at least 3/4. wear U.S. Navy uniforms and uniform components. It super- sedes UNITED STATES NAVY UNIFORM REGULATIONS, NAVPERS. I dated 25 August. AMPN/NAVPERS I, UNITED STATES NAVY UNIFORM REGULATIONS.//. RMKS/1. This NAVADMIN announces the Chief of Naval Operations approval of.

Title 37, U. Navy Regulations article applies: a.

Clothing which is sold or issued by the United States to any person in the naval service shall not be sold, bartered, exchanged, pledged, loaned or given away, except as authorized by proper authority. No person in the naval service shall have any article of wearing apparel belonging to any other person in the naval service without permission from proper authority. Wearing of uniforms is prohibited under any of the following circumstances: a Any meeting or demonstration which is a function of, or sponsored by an organization, association, movement, group, or combination of persons which the Attorney General of the United States has designated, pursuant to Executive Order as amended, as totalitarian, fascist, communist, or subversive, or as having adopt- 30 ed a policy of advocating or approving the commission of acts of force or violence to deny others their rights under the Constitution of the United States by unconstitutional means.

This rule may be waived by the service. Code Sec. Wearing of the uniform or any part of it at any other time or for any other purpose is prohibited. Persons who have been awarded the Medal of Honor may wear their uniform at any time except under the circumstances discussed in subparagraph b. The Secretary the Navy supports the following: a Exercising the rights of freedom of speech and assembly does not include the right to use the inherent prestige and traditions represented by the uniforms of the naval service to promote privately held convictions on public issues.

A commanding officer may authorize wearing the uniform when assured that the service member is not appearing in uniform at the particular event, to promote privately held convictions or interests, or lead the observers to believe that the demonstration, assembly, or activity does not relate to matters in public controversy.

Title 10 U. The Secretary of the Navy prescribed the following distinctive mark for members of military societies which are composed entirely of honorably discharged officers and enlisted personnel and the instructors and members of duly organized cadet corps.

Title 36 U.


Code Sec refers. Never fasten, display, use, or store the flag where it could be easily torn, soiled, or damaged in anyway. The flag should never have placed upon it, or have attached to it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing.

Never use the flag for advertising.

It should not be embroidered on cushions or handkerchiefs and the like, printed or reproduced on paper napkins, boxes or anything that is disposable or used as part of a costume or athletic uniform. When making official references to the uniforms, insignia, and grooming standards in any official publication, the terms set forth in these regulations shall be used.

United States Navy UNIFORM REGULATIONS. Department of the Navy NAVPERS 15665I

Basic Uniform Components. Uniform items required as part of the basic uniform. These are the minimum items which must be worn unless the prescribing authority directs otherwise.

Prescribable Items. Uniform items which may be directed or authorized for wear with the basic uniform. Prescribable items may be worn with basic uniform at the individual's discretion unless otherwise directed.

United States Antarctic Expedition Medal

Optional Items. Uniform items downloadd at the wearer's expense, which may be worn with the basic uniform, but which are not prescribable.

Optional items may be worn with the basic uniform at the individual's discretion unless otherwise directed. Obvious to the eye, attracting attention, striking, bright in color.

Should blend with not stand out from a professional appearance in uniform. What is conspicuous on one person may not be noticeable on another. If attention is naturally drawn to or distracted from the professional appearance, it is conspicuous.

Not conspicuous or detracting from the professional appearance while in uniform. A style followed for a short period of time with exaggerated zeal. Styles are enduring, fads are generally short in duration and frequently started by an individual or event in the civilian community. Fads are generally conspicuous and detract from a professional appearance. Compliments Skin Tone. A conservative color which contributes to the wearer's natural skin tone. Conservative colors are generally inconspicuous and do not detract from a professional appearance in uniform.

Uniform clothing, equipment and accessories issued or sold through the Navy Supply System are regulation and will be labeled like the following sample: Name: Service No.

Uniform Regulations

All other uniform components and accessories will conform to the specifications for regulation items. The downloadr is responsible for ensuring that each garment meets approved specifications. Garments having the following label are certified to be regulation: This garment is warranted to meet or exceed the requirements established by the U.

Navy Certification Program and was produced under certification for basic materials warranted by the manufacturer to have been produced in accordance with sample under current certification. Where gold or silver are specified for insignia, synthetic metal base substitutes, certified by Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility, are authorized. Uniform components acquired from other than Navy approved sources must conform to all military specifications regarding fabric, style, and appearance.

Only those fabrics which are approved by the Chief of Naval Operations are authorized for the manufacture of naval uniforms. The Commander, Naval Supply Systems Command ensures that specifications for all articles of uniform and insignia prescribed for naval personnel are prepared and maintained for approval of the Chief of Naval Operations.

The standard regulation samples of uniforms and insignia, made in accordance with military specifications and approved by the Chief of Naval Operations, shall be maintained at the U.

Navy Clothing and Textile Research Facility. All articles issued to personnel in the Navy must conform to the standard sample and its specification. Do not deviate from the approved specifications without specific authorization of the Chief of Naval Operations. The Chief of Naval Operations charged the Navy Uniform Board to continually review Navy uniform matters and use the following specific qualitative factors, applicable to all uniforms, to evaluate suitability of current uniforms and those proposed for replacement.

Flexibility and adaptability in 1 Number of personnel wearing uniforms. The ability to protect and not present a hazard to personnel.

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And vanishingly the antheropeas which charcoal. Optional boots not required as organizational clothing will be procured at the expense of the Sailor and not the authorizing command. It also provides guidance about the best practices for use of internet-based capabilities in a personal capacity. Specifically, paragraph 3 and 3. Recently there has been much confusion in the fleet on the authorized boots for the Navy Working Uniform. This policy applies to female Sailors while wearing the Navy uniform and when wearing civilian clothes in the performance of duty.

Travel less than 31 days remains unchanged. This change is a direct result of belt tightening across all of the Department of Defense and is reflected in the most recent Joint Federal Travel Regulations. More information can be found here at www.

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Ref b previously announced an update on the availability of Navy Security Badges. Approved uniform policy changes are as follows: The Chaplain Corps insignia shall be embroidered with black thread and positioned upright on the fabric patch.Code 1 Sec. In the white tape on the collar was standardized to three rows for all enlisted wearing the jumper, with rank to be determined by the petty officer insignia, and cuff stripes for the seaman ranks.

Pacific Fleet; Commander in Chief, U. Navy personnel shall wear the uniform of their respective rate or rank as prescribed by the designated uniform prescribing authority. The Secretary the Navy supports the following: Personnel may remove their cap or hat when traveling inside a private automobile or riding a bicycle off base.

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