For Digimon World 2 on the PlayStation, GameFAQs has 14 FAQs (game guides and You can write and submit your own FAQ or guide for this game too!. Digimon World 2 is (c) Bandai and (c) Sony Entertainment of America. mission VERSION (April 17, ) - Made the walkthrough until. Content of my guide: | | 1)Introduction | | 2)Walkthrough This game is different from Digimon World 1 because you do not need to look after it.

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A Bandai Playstation game Digimon World 2 strategy guide (English version) Version () By Chin Han [email protected] In Digimon World 2, you play as a tamer who works to defend Digital City. Most of the game will be spent traversing various Domains. Uni-T Poker Club, pour que le poker soit plus qu'un jeu.

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Walkthrough Digimon World 2 Bahasa Indonesia

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But if you go to DVD Domain, he will tell you. DVD Domain Floors: Defeat Ben Oldman Boss: After you defeat him, go to Archive Port and talk to him. After the conversation finished, you will get Old Map. Now go to your headquarter and talk to your leader.

He will give you another mission to go to Code Domain and destroy Blood Knights. Destroy Blood Knights Enemies: After you back to the city, go to your headquarter. There's an emergency.


Immediately you go to Archive Port. After you arrived there, Ben Oldman wasn't there. He went to the City to see the Guard Leader. So go back to Digital City and meet your leader.

From Ben Oldman, you know that they stole Navi-Disk, the disk that control the radar system. It holds all the navigation map data from File Island to here on Directory Continent.

From the conversation, you know all Guard Teams have duty to defeat the evil prince of Wild Digimon and bring peace back to File Island. Now you have your next mission to go to Laser Domain and capture Crimson.

Download Digimon World 2 Game Shark

There are new items you can download at Item Vendor. If you go to Digital City, there are new parts and ammos for your Digi-Beetle. Laser Domain Floors: Capture Crimson Enemies: At floor 11 you will fight Commander Damien again. You will fight Crimson at floor After you defeat Crimson, you will get Navi-Disk from him.

Now you have to fight Blood Knights Officer. You already have Navi-Disk and 3 Ship Parts. All you have to do now is to find Ship Key. He knew Agumone who knows a lot of items. But it seems Agumon forgot where he saw that key. Now go to Coliseum at Digital City and talk to Leomon.

He will asked you to help him delivering a message to his friend at File Island. His friend is the legendary fighter, MasterTyrannomon. The message is that he will go and see him some day. Now go to Digimon Center. You will find Agumon there.

He has already remembered where the Ship Key and he gave it to you. Now you can access the second world map. Now go to File City. You will meet MasterTyrannomon at the entrance. He will stop you from going in and challenged you to prove your power at Power Domain. Power Domain Floors: Prove your power by defeating MasterTyrannomon Enemies: After you defeat it, go to Exit Portal. You will be back to Digital City. You can download new items at your headquarter.

Also you can download new items, ammos and parts at Device Dome. Now go to Archive Port and teleport to File Island. After that go to File City. This time he will let you in. He will asked for help to rescue Jijimon that had been kidnapped by Blood Knights in one of the four domains.

There are only 4 places you can access at File City: After you finish downloading, go to your next mission. Rescue Jijimon Enemies: She will increase your radar into Power Radar. Now if you go to Giga Domain, you can see the surrounding, not dark anymore. After you defeat Giga's Domain Boss go up to the right to rescue Jijimon. After that go to the left to exit dungeon with exit portal.

After you get back to File City, go to Jijimon's House. Talk to Jijimon twice. He will tell you how to go to Soft Domain where you can fight Crimson. You need three Chaos Rings to get inside Soft Domain. You can get Chaos Rings by defeating Chaos Generals in their domains. You will get Admantium Core from Jijimon.

When you go to Master Gate, there will be earthquake. Go to Jijimon's House. He will tell you something incredible. The rrom shook with a flash of light then a girl suddenly appeared. Her name is Esteena. It seems she lost her memory. You can download new engine and battery at Digi-Beetle Factory.

Talk to Chief Engineer Maestro. GreyRing after defeat Patch Domain's Boss. In Data Domain, you will fight your friends who acting weird. You will fight Bertran and Joy Joy at floor 8. You will fight Gekomon at floor After you get all three rings, go to Jijimon's house.

You can access Soft Domain now. Soft Domain Floors: Defeat Chaos Lord Enemies: After you defeat him, go back to File City and go to Jijimon's House. Jijimon told you to go back to Directory Continent, first world map. Go back to Directory Continent and go to Digital City.

Go to your headquarter and meet your leader. You can download new items, ammos and parts at your headquarter, Main Gate and Device Dome.

You can trade your Angewomon for Magnadramon in Digimon Center.

You will fight Commander Damien again at floor 17 Bug Domain. After finish both domains and get nack to the city, go to Main Gate. You will have a sequence there with Commander Damien and Esteena. Now go to Coliseum. Next go to Tamer's Club. You will find Commander Damien there. This time he can not run away again. It seems he wants to blow up Digital City but his plan didn't work out because Esteena has already found all the time bombs.

Now get back to Digital City and report to your leader. Commander Damien will tell you where to find Crimson. He is in ROM Domain. Commander Damien says that Crimson is being controlled by unknown forces. ROM Domain Floors: Defeat Crimson Enemies: Miss-5 and MechFix-EX because you gonna need them. After defeating Crimson, go back to your headquarter and report to your leader. You will see all three guard team leaders in your leader's room.

If you don't see them, it means you must increase your rank to Rank 9 Chief Tamer. They will tell you about the Path to Kernel Zone, a new world. You can download new items in your headquarter. After you finished, go to Shuttle Port. You will see a FMV about you going to space. Core Tower Floors: Meet Guardian Enemies: Now go to the next tower, Chaos Tower. Chaos Tower Floors: Well, you have finished this game.

Now you can access all headquarters. Tera Domain Floors: They are the best part you can get in this game. Digimon VAC. Steel VAC. Boost Def. Pwr VAC. Macho VAC. Boost Off. Pwr VIR. Lower Def. Lower Off. Candy VAC. Weak VAC. Digimon Skateboard Gift Level D: Digimon Skis Gift Level C: Digimon Snowboard Gift Level B: Digimon Surfboard Gift Level A: Digimon VIR.

HP EP Acid Sw.

Harm 0: Bugs Missile Gun Mag. Level E: Level C: Miss-1 Delete: Yellow ElectroSpore Mag. Miss-2 Delete: Green Electro-Spore Mag.

Walkthrought Digimon World 2

Miss-3 Delete: Blue Electro-Spore Mag. Miss-4 Delete: Purple ElectroSpore Mag. Miss-5 Delete: Flame Damage: Water Damage: Nature Damage: Mech Damage: Dark Damage: Flame Dam.: All Foe Blizzard Z-Bomb: Water Dam.: All Foe Hurricane Z-Bomb: Nature Dam.: Digimon Kickboard Gift Level E: Steel VIR.

Macho VIR. Candy VIR. Weak VIR. TA-Body Mag. I don't know how to complete this list without your great help. I don't know how to make this list without your great help. Pepper Breath Attack Biyomon: Spiral Twister Attack Clearagumon: Marching Fishes Attack Penguinmon: Super Slap Attack Snowagumon: Hail Storm Attack Tapirmon: Waking Dream Attack Tentomon: Super Shocker Attack Toyagumon: Toy Flame Attack Veemon: Spinning Needle Attack Angemon: Fist of Fate Attack Apemon: Mega Bone Stick Attack Birdramon: Meteor Wing Attack Dolphmon: Pulse Blast Attack Flamedramon: Flaming Rocket Attack Frigimon: Subzero Ice Punch Attack Garurumon: Howling Blaster Attack Gatomon: Lightning Paw Attack Greymon: Nova Blast Attack Gururumon: Anti-Dote Assist Ikkakumon: Harpoon Torpedo Attack Kabuterimon: Electro-Shocker Interrupt Leomon: Icicle Shot Attack Piddomon: Mega Heal Assist Saberdramon: Anti-Confusion Assist Shimaunimon: Anti-Freeze Assist Tortomon: Strong Carapace Attack Unimon: Air Attack Attack Veedramon: V-Wing Blade Attack Andromon: Lightning Blade Attack Angewomon: Heaven's Arrow Attack Garudamon: Wing Blade Interrupt Giromon: Big Bang Boom Attack Magnaangemon: HP Recovery Assist Mammothmon: Tusk Crusher Attack Mastertyrannomon: Zen Recovery Assist Megakabuterimon: Horn Buster Interrupt Metalgreymon: Giga Blaster Attack Monzaemon: Virus Attack Assist Panjyamon: Full Recovery Assist Raidramon: Lightning Blast Attack Weregarurumon: Wolf Claw Attack Whamon: Tidal Wave Attack Zudomon: Vulcan's Hammer Attack Megas Herculeskabuterimon: Giga Scissor Claw Interrupt Imperialdramon: Mega Fire Attack Jijimon: Hung on Death Assist Magnadramon: Fire Tornado Attack Marineangemon: Ocean Love Attack Omnimon: Transcend Sword Attack Phoenixmon: Crimson Flame Attack Seraphimon: S-Bone Crusher Attack Wargreymon: Flame Bomber Attack Crabmon: Scissor Magic Attack Elecmon: S-Thunder Smack Attack Floramon: Rain of Pollen Attack Gabumon: Blue Blaster Attack Gotsumon: Rock Fist Attack Palmon: Poison Ivy Attack Patamon: Boom Bubble Attack Champion Akatorimon: Zip Boom Counter-Attack Centarumon: Solar Ray Attack Clockmon: Chrono Breaker Interrupt Coelamon: Fossil Bite Attack Drimogemon: Iron Drill Spin Attack Flarerizamon: Blaze Buster Assist Icemon: Defensive Ray Assist J-Mojyamon: Parameter Patch Assist Kiwimon: Pummel Peck Attack Kokatorimon: Stun Flame Shot Attack Meramon: Fireball Attack Monochromon: Volcanic Strike Attack Morishellmon: Nature Hit Ray Assist Mudfrigimon: Armor Coating Assist Ninjamon: Mech Ray Assist Sandyanmamon: Stun Ray Assist Seadramon: Ice Blast Attack Shellmon: Hydro Blaster Attack Starmon: Meteor Stream Counter-Attack Tankmon: Hyper Cannon Attack Togemon: Needle Spray Counter-Attack Tyrannomon: Blaze Blast Attack Wizardmon: Thunder Ball Counter-Attack Yanmamon: Thunder Ray Attack Ultimate Blossomon: Ninja Flower Attack Bluemeramon: MP Magic Interrupt Deramon: Royal Smasher Attack Digitamamon: Hyper Flashing Assist Lillymon:After defeating Crimson, go back to your headquarter and report to your leader.

Chaos Tower Phantomon. Chaos Tower Deltamon. Dr who episode 2. Unless you bought BugZaps with you. You will find Ben Oldman there.

Hyper Flashing Assist Lillymon:

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